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details 2021-03-02 BDI rw Active
Rejection of perishable goods due to lack of phytosanitary certificate 2020-10-08 AGO rw Active
Non recognination of RSB S-mark for wines and liquors 2019-11-01 Rw Rw Active
Requirement by Tanzania Revenue Authority to Rwandan transporters to use two customs bonds on the Northern-Central Corridor (Kigali-Rusumo-Mombasa via Holili-Taveta border post) costing US$150 on departure and US$80 on return. 2019-10-16 Tz Rw Active
Requirement by United Republic of Tanzania to transit trucks carrying chemicals to have export and transport chemical permits. Trucks are charged US$1 per ton and in most cases arbitrary charges which are imposed to transit vehicles only. The amount is ap 2019-10-16 Tz Rw Active
Multiple police check points from Mombasa to Malaba (Miritini, Samburu, Mariakani, Mtito Andei, Kibwezi, Machakos, Mlolongo, Nairobi, Mahimahiu, Naivasha, Nakuru, Salgaa, Molo, Kapsabet, Malaba, Eldoret) 2019-04-19 Ke Rw Active
Tanzania charging of Business Visa of USD100 to EAC business persons entering URT charged as Certificate of Temporary Assignment (CTA) at all borders 2019-01-10 Tz Rw Active
Surcharges on milk exported to Tanzania: Milk exported to Tanzania attracts numerous charges collected by different institutions including Tanzania Bureau of Standards, Tanzania Foods and Drugs Authority and Tanzania Dairy Board 2018-10-31 Tz rw Active
Taxation of goods coming from Rwanda at different rates between Bukavu and Goma. The rates are also not properly communicated to CB traders 2018-10-20 DRC Rw Active
Multiplicity of tax collection services for illegal taxes at border crossings. Extortion by Congolese Tax Authorities, charging Rwandan Small-Scale CBTs exorbitantly non-statutory fees on Congolese soil 2018-10-20 DRC Rw Active
Forced deposit of goods other than raw products in the warehouses without being registered and without issuing a discharge (arrival notice) 2018-10-20 DRC Rw Active
Work permit requirement for both clearing & forwarding agents. This is limiting agents from other countries from setting up offices in Dar es Salaam and at the same time, affecting the full implementation of EAC Single Customs Territory. 2016-12-08 Tz rw Active
Transit trucks registered in Rwanda are not allowed to cross Rusumo Border Post and collect goods from the border neighborhood (Ngara, Kahama, Benaco, etc) 2016-12-08 Tz Rw Active
Clearing & Freight forwarding agents do not have access to Dar es Salaam port 2016-12-08 Tz rw Active
Clearing & forwarding Agents from Rwanda do not have full access rights in Tanzania Revenue Authority’s Tanzania Customs Integrated System (TANCIS) system 2016-12-08 Tz rw Active
Numerous monetary charges required by various agencies in the United Republic of Tanzania on exports of dairy products 2015-02-06 Tz Rw Active
Non-harmonized road user charges / road tolls in EAC Partner States 2012-05-11 EAC Rw Active