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{{Management of the National Trade Facilitation Committee (NTFC)}} The National Trade Facilitation Committee of Rwanda has the following structure: • NTFC Steering Committee, • Thematic Working Groups • NTFC Secretariat {{The NTFC Steering Committee}} The Steering Committee is chaired by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Trade and Industry who is seconded by the Commissioner General for RRA. The NTFC Steering Committee is called by the Chairperson a least one week prior to the meeting through official invitations to the NTFC Steering Committee Members. Minutes of the meeting are circulated to all members within a period not exceeding one week after the meeting. The minutes are approved at the next meeting and sent to all members thereafter. {{ Thematic Working Groups}} The dedicated working groups as above structured, constituted of a small number of experts from relevant institutions to deal with specific technical matters in the TF implementation process and will meet on a monthly basis and inform the NTFC on any matter arising from the implementation process for decision making. Output of the working group (s) shall beare presented to the National Trade Facilitation Committee for endorsement and policy actions for further implementation by the relevant agencies. {{ SECRETARIAT}} The Secretariat of the NTFC is in the Ministry of Trade and Industry. Its main functions are to: -* Coordinate the work of the NTFC and thematic working groups to ensure the smooth implementation of the WTO TFA in Rwanda; -* Prepare draft working documents, reports for the committee including draft action plan, project proposals for funding that will be submitted to different donors, etc.; -* Organize all the logistical arrangements for the effective conduct of the meetings/workshops/trainings of the NTFC and any other relevant stakeholders; -* Follow up the implementation of recommendations of the NTFC and Thematic Working Groups meetings and prepare progress report accordingly; -* Develop a communication strategy for the success implementation of the TFA by different stakeholders.