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Mwiriwe nitwa ATHAMARI TRADING LTD nkorera i NYARUGENGE, twagize ikibazo muri Kenya kuri border busia imodoka zacu zipakie Umunyu barazifatiriye uruganda twaguzemo har imisoro bishyuzwa. Dukeneye Ubufasha murakoze 2021-06-19 Resolved
Classification on raw material which were considered by customs officer as final product. 2021-05-10 RWA rw Resolved
prolbleme of RFDA staff in magerwa 2021-05-10 RWA rw Resolved
Rejection of perishable goods due to lack of phytosanitary certificate 2020-10-08 AGO rw Resolved
The issue of Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) requiring upfront payments or a guarantee cheque for storage of oil and after expiration of the grace period of 21 days they charge 2$ per cube meter (1000 liters) per day as a fine while in Tanzania the grace per 2020-06-22 KEN rw Resolved
Introduction of the new verification/inspection tariff at Nairobi ICD 80 USD for 20 feet containers and 120 USD for 40 feet containers by Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) due to outsourcing of labor to conduct inspections and verification on behalf of KBS and 2020-06-22 KEN rw Resolved
Requirement for physical presence at MINAGRI/RALIS to collect Phytosanitary or sanitary/veterinary health certificates due to lack of automation system and electronic signature 2020-03-01 Rw Rw Resolved
Restriction on use of private bonded warehouses by manufacturers and difficulty to obtain licenses to operate them 2020-03-01 Rw Rw Resolved
High cost of import permits for food and pharmaceutical products 2020-03-01 Rw Rw Resolved
RRA customs declaration value limit of Rwf 500,000 used for small scale traders is below the USD 2,000 threshold of EAC and COMESA Simplified Trade Regime (STR) 2020-03-01 Rw Rw Resolved
Traffic rules- speed limit and excessive penalties though in some cases the alleged traffic offenses were due to malfunctioning and inefficient speed governor system from RURA 2020-03-01 rw Rw Resolved
Rwanda FDA requirements for registration (lengthy) and re-testing of food products with quality marks originating from EAC 2020-03-01 rw rw , ke Resolved
Non recognination of RSB S-mark for wines and liquors 2019-11-01 Rw Rw Resolved
Requirement by United Republic of Tanzania to transit trucks carrying chemicals to have export and transport chemical permits. Trucks are charged US$1 per ton and in most cases arbitrary charges which are imposed to transit vehicles only. The amount is ap 2019-10-16 Tz Rw Resolved
Requirement to foreign exhibitors in Kenya to have a trading license to be able to display their products in the trade fair without which a fine of Ksh 1,000 per day is imposed to the exhibitor by the City Council. The incident occurred during the Nairobi 2019-10-16 Ke Rw Resolved
Multiple police check points from Mombasa to Malaba (Miritini, Samburu, Mariakani, Mtito Andei, Kibwezi, Machakos, Mlolongo, Nairobi, Mahimahiu, Naivasha, Nakuru, Salgaa, Molo, Kapsabet, Malaba, Eldoret) 2019-04-19 Ke Rw Resolved
Tanzania charging of Business Visa of USD100 to EAC business persons entering URT charged as Certificate of Temporary Assignment (CTA) at all borders 2019-01-10 Tz Rw Resolved
Tanzania has introduced an escort fee imposed by TRA from Dar es Salaam to Rusumo 2018-11-20 Tz Rw Resolved
Two trucks on transit from Rwanda to Mombasa carrying minerals for export are impounded by Uganda Mineral Protection Police Unit 2018-11-16 Ke Rw Resolved
Surcharges on milk exported to Tanzania: Milk exported to Tanzania attracts numerous charges collected by different institutions including Tanzania Bureau of Standards, Tanzania Foods and Drugs Authority and Tanzania Dairy Board 2018-10-31 Tz rw Resolved
Taxation of goods coming from Rwanda at different rates between Bukavu and Goma. The rates are also not properly communicated to CB traders 2018-10-20 DRC Rw Resolved
Multiplicity of tax collection services for illegal taxes at border crossings. Extortion by Congolese Tax Authorities, charging Rwandan Small-Scale CBTs exorbitantly non-statutory fees on Congolese soil 2018-10-20 DRC Rw Resolved
Escorted trucks carrying Zambia brown sugar and white maize in transit to Rwanda are forced to pay to Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) Tunduma border station a sum of Tsh 960,000 to accompany trucks 2018-04-18 Tz Rw Resolved
Delays in releasing trucks at Tunduma & Rusumo border post by Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) as a result of manual lodging of import documents 2018-04-18 Tz Rw Resolved
Kenya banned exports of scrap metals destined to Rwanda in accordance with scrap metal Act NO. 1 OF 2015 2018-04-18 Ke Rw Resolved
Work permit requirement for both clearing & forwarding agents. This is limiting agents from other countries from setting up offices in Dar es Salaam and at the same time, affecting the full implementation of EAC Single Customs Territory. 2016-12-08 Tz rw Resolved
Clearing & forwarding Agents from Rwanda do not have full access rights in Tanzania Revenue Authority’s Tanzania Customs Integrated System (TANCIS) system 2016-12-08 Tz rw Resolved
Scanning and verification of containers at the Port at 90$. The fee was perceived as an extra charge supposed to be part of other charges applied by Tanzania International Container Terminal Services (TICTS) on transit cargo 2016-12-08 Tz Rw Resolved
Charge of 18% VAT on ancillary services provided at the port of Dar Es Salaam for Goods in Transit 2016-12-08 Tz Rw Resolved
Clearing & Freight forwarding agents do not have access to Dar es Salaam port 2016-12-08 Tz rw Resolved
Transit trucks registered in Rwanda are not allowed to cross Rusumo Border Post and collect goods from the border neighborhood (Ngara, Kahama, Benaco, etc) 2016-12-08 Tz Rw Resolved
Lack of coordination among the numerous institutions involved in testing and clearance of goods at the Borders (reported in 2009) 2016-07-11 Rw Rw Resolved
United Republic of Tanzania has introduced a railway development levy of 1.5 per cent for imports from Kenya (reported in 2015) 2016-07-11 Tz Rw Resolved
Delays in issuance of certificates by Tanzania’s NEMA (National Environmental management Authority) which has the validity for three months. It also takes three months to renew the 2015-09-24 Tz Rw Resolved
Buses from Trinity Express Bus Company Rwanda to Kampala are charged 10,000 Uganda shillings in each Uganda district they pass 2015-09-24 Ug Rw Resolved
Requirement by Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority for companies exporting to Tanzania to register, re-label, and retesting of certified EAC products exported by other partner states 2015-09-24 Tz Rw Resolved
Mamimou Charcoal Export Ltd based in Kigali is charged transit fees on charcoal exports to Dubai via Mombasa Port 2015-05-01 Ke Rw Resolved
Numerous monetary charges required by various agencies in the United Republic of Tanzania on exports of dairy products 2015-02-06 Tz Rw Resolved
Existence of several road blocks in the Central and Northern Corridors 2011-02-03 EAC Rw Resolved