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The issue of Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) requiring upfront payments or a guarantee cheque for storage of oil and after expiration of the grace period of 21 days they charge 2$ per cube meter (1000 liters) per day as a fine while in Tanzania the grace per 2020-06-22 KEN rw Resolved
Requirement for physical presence at MINAGRI/RALIS to collect Phytosanitary or sanitary/veterinary health certificates due to lack of automation system and electronic signature 2020-03-01 Rw Rw Resolved
High cost of import permits for food and pharmaceutical products 2020-03-01 Rw Rw Resolved
Restriction on use of private bonded warehouses by manufacturers and difficulty to obtain licenses to operate them 2020-03-01 Rw Rw Resolved
Rwanda FDA requirements for registration (lengthy) and re-testing of food products with quality marks originating from EAC 2020-03-01 rw rw , ke Resolved
Requirement to foreign exhibitors in Kenya to have a trading license to be able to display their products in the trade fair without which a fine of Ksh 1,000 per day is imposed to the exhibitor by the City Council. The incident occurred during the Nairobi 2019-10-16 Ke Rw Resolved
Tanzania has introduced an escort fee imposed by TRA from Dar es Salaam to Rusumo 2018-11-20 Tz Rw Resolved
Two trucks on transit from Rwanda to Mombasa carrying minerals for export are impounded by Uganda Mineral Protection Police Unit 2018-11-16 Ke Rw Resolved
Escorted trucks carrying Zambia brown sugar and white maize in transit to Rwanda are forced to pay to Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) Tunduma border station a sum of Tsh 960,000 to accompany trucks 2018-04-18 Tz Rw Resolved
Delays in releasing trucks at Tunduma & Rusumo border post by Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) as a result of manual lodging of import documents 2018-04-18 Tz Rw Resolved
Kenya banned exports of scrap metals destined to Rwanda in accordance with scrap metal Act NO. 1 OF 2015 2018-04-18 Ke Rw Resolved
Charge of 18% VAT on ancillary services provided at the port of Dar Es Salaam for Goods in Transit 2016-12-08 Tz Rw Resolved
Scanning and verification of containers at the Port at 90$. The fee was perceived as an extra charge supposed to be part of other charges applied by Tanzania International Container Terminal Services (TICTS) on transit cargo 2016-12-08 Tz Rw Resolved
Lack of coordination among the numerous institutions involved in testing and clearance of goods at the Borders (reported in 2009) 2016-07-11 Rw Rw Resolved
United Republic of Tanzania has introduced a railway development levy of 1.5 per cent for imports from Kenya (reported in 2015) 2016-07-11 Tz Rw Resolved
Requirement by Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority for companies exporting to Tanzania to register, re-label, and retesting of certified EAC products exported by other partner states 2015-09-24 Tz Rw Resolved
Delays in issuance of certificates by Tanzania’s NEMA (National Environmental management Authority) which has the validity for three months. It also takes three months to renew the 2015-09-24 Tz Rw Resolved
Buses from Trinity Express Bus Company Rwanda to Kampala are charged 10,000 Uganda shillings in each Uganda district they pass 2015-09-24 Ug Rw Resolved
Mamimou Charcoal Export Ltd based in Kigali is charged transit fees on charcoal exports to Dubai via Mombasa Port 2015-05-01 Ke Rw Resolved
Existence of several road blocks in the Central and Northern Corridors 2011-02-03 EAC Rw Resolved