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Welcome to the NTFC website,
The Government of Rwanda in February 2017, ratified WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) . The TFA came into force at the same period.

The TFA is implemented in Rwanda by the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MINICOM) through the National Trade Facilitation Committee (NTFC) which is composed by different public and private institutions involved in trade facilitation in Rwanda.
The overall purpose of implementing the TFA in Rwanda is to contribute to the national trade policy and the improvement of the trade environment by promoting transparency, simplification, harmonization and standardization of cross-border operations in order to reduce time and cost to import and export goods.
This website has been developed in line with the NTFC plan of using Information Communication and Technology (ICT) to meet its objectives of enhancing and communicating its activities by providing timely and adequate information on trade facilitation and elimination of NTBs to traders, government, researchers and other stakeholders.
On this website you will find information which will help you to understand trade facilitation in general and Rwanda NTFC in particular. It also provides a platform to file a complaint in relation to elimination of Non-Tariff Barriers (NTBs).
As you browse on this website, I wish to invite you to be part of this important journey as we strive together to facilitate trade to, from and through Rwanda.
I also wish to reiterate our full support to this work being spearheaded by the NTFC and which will lead unquestionably to improved business environment and increased intra-regional trade.
Best wishes,

Yves Bernard Ningabire
Chair of the National Trade Facilitation Committee (NTFC) and
Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Trade and Industry (MINICOM)




Latest resolved NTBs

2021-06-19 Mwiriwe nitwa ATHAMARI TRADING LTD nkorera i NYARUGENGE, twagize ikibazo muri Kenya kuri border busia imodoka zacu zipakie Umunyu barazifatiriye uruganda twaguzemo har imisoro bishyuzwa. Dukeneye Ubufasha murakoze Resolved
2021-05-10 RWA Classification on raw material which were considered by customs officer as final product. Resolved
2021-05-10 RWA prolbleme of RFDA staff in magerwa Resolved
2020-10-08 AGO Rejection of perishable goods due to lack of phytosanitary certificate Resolved
2020-06-22 KEN The issue of Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) requiring upfront payments or a guarantee cheque for storage of oil and after expiration of the grace period of 21 days they charge 2$ per cube meter (1000 liters) per day as a fine while in Tanzania the grace per Resolved
2020-06-22 KEN Introduction of the new verification/inspection tariff at Nairobi ICD 80 USD for 20 feet containers and 120 USD for 40 feet containers by Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) due to outsourcing of labor to conduct inspections and verification on behalf of KBS and Resolved
2020-03-01 Rw Requirement for physical presence at MINAGRI/RALIS to collect Phytosanitary or sanitary/veterinary health certificates due to lack of automation system and electronic signature Resolved
2020-03-01 Rw Restriction on use of private bonded warehouses by manufacturers and difficulty to obtain licenses to operate them Resolved
2020-03-01 Rw High cost of import permits for food and pharmaceutical products Resolved
2020-03-01 Rw RRA customs declaration value limit of Rwf 500,000 used for small scale traders is below the USD 2,000 threshold of EAC and COMESA Simplified Trade Regime (STR) Resolved
2020-03-01 rw Traffic rules- speed limit and excessive penalties though in some cases the alleged traffic offenses were due to malfunctioning and inefficient speed governor system from RURA Resolved
2020-03-01 rw Rwanda FDA requirements for registration (lengthy) and re-testing of food products with quality marks originating from EAC Resolved

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NTFC comprises of committees, which have representatives of below institutions